We bear the heat of the sun in the sweltering summers of economic retardation.
The rains and storms claiming our comfort plundering us our joy rendering us morbid of sound health
Hustling not to steal but to hustle, not to rob, but to hustle, not to con, but to hustle, not to fraud, but to hustle, to raise children from the dust of our hustles, and more of our hustles, hustle nation thriving, with hopes that one day, someone who understands our pain not just our gain, will ascend to thrones and hold our hands up the ladder, rewarding our honest sweats of hustles with honesty and gratitude, incentives and subsidies, killing bureaucratic bottlenecks, and importation of inflations and despairs, hustle nation is unstoppable and that’s why our hopes and eyes have settled on one hustler’s advocate, William Samoei Ruto, Hustle Nation will triumph despite all odds because we are a hustle nation and hustle nation are we!


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