The past few months have proved that idleness can groove a character that’s mud smeared and unwanted. Looking out in the streets teenagers and youths seem to have nothing at hand that can hold them tight in a schedule claimed to be busy. They have no chance to play soccer or go ahead in gatherings doing something that holds them out of idleness. This means that they’ll always find a different way of compensating the time that’ll leave them bored. The main thing they get into is drug and substance abuse, believe me?

The society has shown its back onto these vices that take on our youths and goes down to kids who get exposed too. Walking across the streets you’ll see them holding bunches of bang that they claim to keep them out of boredom. I wonder why today we’re so neglectful that we watch kids and youths drinking and smoking out of hand. Why is this so?

However, these characters are learned from a significant source. First of all the parents that guardian these subjects might be consumers to a larger extend. Sending your 8-year-old boy to buy you cigarettes or walk with a bottle of chang’aa or the so-called branded alcohol, just to bring you home from a kilometer away, are you thinking what I’m thinking?
At one time they’ll want to know the taste and feeling of having them run down their throats.

Secondly, the music we consume today is damn weird. It bites and erodes the lighting part of morality and replace it with the darkest part of it. The spread and surfacing of the so-called gengetone has purely caused immorality in our society today. But are we ready to accept this? No, we are not because we listen to the same music with our kids.
These songs promote drug abuse, the violence of any kind, pregnancies, weird behaviors that must not be tolerated.

We’re at the brim of drug abuse and there is something we can do, if not it’ll eat us to the grave bank. The intensity of this crazy beast will never be wiped off if we don’t accept the fact that it has taken over us.
We can’t just watch our 12-year-old kids get into drug abuse, no, we need to stand like we did years back.


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