“I am not a deadbeat dad”

CJ Maraga has requested investigative agencies to probe the legal documents used by a woman to lodge a complaint against the top judge.

The woman, Mary Kwamboka, alleges that the CJ is the father of her child

She screamed, “Nimechoka na hii story, mbona mnanizungusha na hii story kila wakati?” (I’m tired of all this… why are you taking me round in circles?)

“Maraga amekataa kugaramia mtoto wake… anataka mimi nimgaramie mimi mwenyewe.” (Maraga has refused to take care of his child. He wants me to take care of the child by myself.)

Meanwhile, the CJ countered the claims arguing that the documents used by the woman as evidence were fake.

“The documents are not authentic”, the CJ spoke though his lawyers.

Maraga’s lawyers have confirmed that Mary Kwamboka had filed a case before the Children’s court and it was given a case number with CJ Maraga the defendant.

According to the CJ’s lawyers the plaintiff had not yet paid the filing fees therefore there was no case.

The CJ stated to this was a defamation attempt since there has been pressure on him to leave office before he finishes his terms.

The lawyers revealed that they had gone to court to represent their client only to be told that there was no case since the applicant fees had not been paid

Anita Masaki, a lawyer, said that their investigations they came to find out that Mary Kwamboka is not in the Registry of Births and they are not sure if the child existed.

The lawyer said that they are not worried about the lady in question, she stated that they are more worried about the individual who is behind Mark Kwamboka’s drama.

In the lawyers’ opinion, they claim that the birth certificate was generated and it was not a document that could be legally relied on.


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