There are benefits of resembling Sonko- Just ask this man from Nandi.

Nicholas Sitienei, a man from Nandi County, Nandi Hills sub-county, Chepkunyuk ward doesn’t do anything to resemble Nairobi governor’s Sonko physically. It is all natural.

The political gangster rhetoric of Sonko that we all love and hate motivates Sitienei to be a leader of the future. Besides, the casual dressing and slippery looking modus operandi are embedded in Sitienei’s style, just like Sonko whose words come with defiant randomness.

A noteworthy benefit that befell Sitienei for looking like Sonko is being elected the student leader of Ol’ Lessos Technical Institute in Nandi County where he used the governor’s resemblance to illuminate an unapologetically presidential character.


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